V Fib CPR Instruction
 V Fib CPR Instruction provides CPR Training in the greater New Orleans area under the American Heart Association's latest guidelines for CPR and ECC.
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Vfib CPR uses a hands on approach using video and practical based skill set instruction. The "CPR made fun" style of instruction makes the class exciting and provides the student with needed stimulation gaining higher than average testing scores.

You may never go anywhere else ever again for your CPR renewals. The classes are informative, fun, and puts in your hands the ability to absorb the skill sets with ease.

Classes are taught in the New Orleans Metro area.

Instruction and services offered:

  • Friends and Family
  • Heartsaver First Aid and CPR for the Adult, Child and Infant
  • Heartsaver CPR for the Adult, Child and Infant
  • Hearsaver CPR for the Adult
  • BLS for the Healthcare Provider
  • BLS for the Healthcare Provider Renewal Course
  • BLS Instructor
  • BLS Instructor Monitoring

Vfib CPR Instruction
New Orleans, La.
Phone: (504)298-6183
Email: info@VfibCPR.com